Erotic novelist, cosmopolitan witch, and all-round bad girl, Judith Chamber’s riotous and unflinching accounts of adultery, sex, and the occult, read like a mad cross between “Sex and the City” & “The Witches of Eastwick”, with a little bit of “Gone Girl” thrown in for good measure.

“There’s nothing quite like waking up at 6 am beside a gorgeous man,
especially if you don’t have to give him back before 9.”



A 32 year old man-eater, (carnivorous femme fatalis), Judith can change her accent, her nationality, her entire physical appearance, to suit the tastes of the man she is determined to seduce, and make no mistake about it, this lady has seduced no small number in her time.

Some say she’s a witch; that she’s made a pact with the devil, others insist she is the devil in female form, you, the reader, must decide for yourself as you enter the bizarre and highly erotic worlds of Judith Chambers aka The Bitch Majestic.

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