The super-heated follow up to The Bitch Majestic

If being a bitch was an Olympic sport Judith Chambers would win gold every time.
Her sexual exploits are the stuff of legend, her manipulations of the male psyche are required reading by budding seductresses everywhere, but it is her ability to transform herself into almost any woman she chooses that sets Judith apart in the annals of modern day psychopaths.

In the follow up to the ground breaking novel, The Bitch Majestic, Judith continues to be groomed by The Sisterhood, a clandestine group of women who claim to be the true power behind the thrones of men, even as she finds herself drawn ever deeper into their twisted, misandrist world –

– but how far is she prepared to go in her quest for total domination of the male ego?

And more importantly, who can she trust?

If love is a battlefield then Judith Chambers is the ultimate no-holds-barred warrior. No marriage stands a chance once she’s hooked her claws into it, no man is safe once she has him in her sights, and no wife will be spared the consequences of her rapacious appetites, the only person who can destroy Judith Chambers is Judith Chambers.

And the way things are going she may just end up doing that.

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